Floating Pontoons Hire, Workboat Hire & Modular Pontoon Hire

Working on the water has its own challenges and one aspect that you would never take lightly is the need for a secure working platform and equipment that is tested and safe for on-site use. Drake Towage have floating pontoons, modular pontoons and floating workboats for hire / rental.

For further information about our floating pontoon hire services for you marine engineering projects please visit our commercial pontoon hire website.

Drake Towage will provide you with a full range of floating pontoons and workboats under hired or rental arrangements. With a range of fully-tested marine construction equipment for hire too, your marine project will be easier, quicker, more efficient and safer for all when Drake Towage are your supplier.

Any shape, any size of floating pontoons available to hire

Drake Towage are based in Wisbech near Cambridge and have commercial modular pontoons immediately available for transport to your UK marine site. These modular pontoons can be linked-together work platforms and are available in almost any size or shape.

Your narrowest of access points can be used or the largest platform built to order. Drake Towage pontoons are suitable for vehicle access as well as for pedestrians.

Equipment such as rails, scaffolding, generators, access platforms and cranes are also available to hire, so all your marine construction needs can be met by Drake Towage - the leading UK supplier of commercial floating pontoons.

Whatever you need to get the job done!

As a member of the Construction Plant Hire Association, Drake Towage will supply you with reliable, high quality equipment and machinery, giving all of your contracts an added level of safety confidence.

Hire arrangements can be very flexible, starting at one week’s hire to extended lease periods. Drake Towage is always happy to discuss your project needs and help you assess hire periods if you are unsure. You can rely on Drake Towage to supply whatever marine construction equipment you need to get the job done.

Need to hire a floating pontoon, modular pontoon or floating workboat? Talk to Drake Towage!

Ask Robert & Mark

Got a question about pontoon and workboat hire? Ask Robert & Mark here...

Floating pontoons can be hired for many marine engineering projects. From a floating walkway, floating working platform, under bridge maintenance platform for plant, machinery, excavators, dredgers, scaffolding or a where a temporary bridge for vehciles is required.

Commercial Floating Modular Pontoon and Workboat hire enquiries:
01945 589539

Pontoon Hire

The images below show some of the projects that our floating pontoons and modular pontoon systems have been used on construction projects where machinery has required access on or from the water (river, lake or canal).

Modular Pontoon Hire from Drake Towage
Floating Pontoon Hire for marine construction
Pontoon Hire for access from the river
Floating Pontoon Hire for access to under bridge contruction work and painting
Pontoon Hire for marine piling installation
Pontoon Hire
A Drake Towage hired floating pontoon for a sheet piling marine installation
Marine piling contractors using a rented modular floating pontoon platform
River dredging crance on a floating pontoon hired from Drake Towage

Click on photos to enlarge

We have over 110 floating modular pontoons in stock ready for delivery to your site. If you need water access for marine piling, river bank engineering, river or canal dredging or plant access for a construction project from the water, consider hiring a floating pontoon from the UK's leading pontoon hire company.

Workboat Hire, Lincs Wind Farm

Floating workboat hire at Lincs Wind Farm
Lincolnshire Wind Farm used a Drake Towage marine working boat
Workboat hire - UK-wide
Lincs Wind Farm
marine work boats are available to hire across the UK from Drake Towage

Click on photos to enlarge

Boats working on the Lincs Wind Farm cable for Centrica on the River Nene in Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire.

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