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Drake Towage Ltd. also offers services like dredging, whether that be smaller scale to larger scale projects using either the Smalley dredger or the dragline.


Our dragline excavator is used in larger dredging projects. Drake Towage’s dragline is a 35T Liebherr HS833HD, making it one of the few draglines of that size left in the country.

Figs 1 & 2 – North Level Drainage System: The riverbank had slipped, we assisted the project by driving piles into the riverbank for support, and to prevent any slippage in the future. We also dredged out the slipped material that fell into the river.
Figs 3, 4, 5 & 6 – Middle Level Drainage System: Recent dredging of the 16ft bank near Chatteris Cambridgeshire for the Middle Level Commissioners on a 2-year contract.

Smalley Dredger


This project posed the challenges of limited access to a neglected shallow body of water that had silted up, causing an abundance of reed vegetation. The client wished to have a more diverse ecosystem for wildlife to exist and hopefully thrive once cleared and re-profiled. The Smalley is beneficial for such smaller projects where access can be problematic for other excavators in shallow waters especially with it being buoyant and self-propelled.

Fig 1 – The Smalley Dredger is a single unit that can be transported using our lorry.
Fig 2 – It will fit through the average farm gate, being 2.6m wide.
Fig 3 – It can manoeuvre itself over uneven ground and launch into water.
Fig 4 – It has buoyant stability legs that enable it to jack itself into a stable working position (max. 2m water depth).
Fig 5 – Once the project was completed, the Smalley Dredger is capable of winching itself out along with the use of the excavator arm.