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Surfleet, Lincolnshire

Sheet Piling

River Glen

The existing river frontage had failed partly due to poor design, but the failure was exaggerated due to a sequence of flood events. Piling equipment was required to install the replacement reinforcing designed by engineers. Due to a very limited working area from land, our modular pontoon barges played an essential role to make the this first phase of the project achievable.

Our client requested the pile line to follow natural curve of the meandering river course. A request we were happy to fulfil.

Due to the very limited access, our barge was necessary to transport bagged material for backfilling. This often also helps limit damage to the remainder of the garden.

Our client was most pleased with the result, leaving it prepared for the Landscapers to continue with the next phase.

Fig 1 – The original river frontage was constructed from timber posts and roofing sheets with an impermeable polythene sheeting.
Fig 2 – We pitched 7m piles using one of our barge mounted knuckle cranes.
Fig 3 – The piles were driven to depth using our Excavator Mounted Vibratory Hammer.
Fig 4 – The pile line was capped with some steel channel sections fabricated by ourselves.
Fig 5 – Bagged backfill material lifted and spread.