Marine Dredging Contractors for Rivers, Canals, Basins & Channels

Dredging keeps rivers, canals, basins and channels clear of underwater obstruction, and is a critical element where marine piling needs to be set in place so your construction project can start quickly. As river dredging contractors, Drake Towage is an expert at clearing waterways, canals, basins and channels and preparing for any steelwork and construction projects you are planning.

River Dredging Contractors

We can dredge rivers from either the river bank, or by using our floating dredgers on one of our temporary modular pontoon working platforms. This means that we can dredge rivers that are sometimes difficult to reach.

Canal Dredging

Similar to rivers, Drake Towage have all the equipment to dredge canals, lakes, channels and basins using either our floating working platforms, modular pontoons bank-side dredgers.

Fully equipped for even the tightest of spots

Using floating dredgers and modular temporary pontoons as work platforms, Drake Towage can access your most difficult to reach sites. Specialist machinery is available from the Crab Marsh base in Wisbech - but sometimes the ingenuity of Drake Towage marine engineers is needed to make bespoke add-ons or adaptations, especially if you out-of-the-ordinary river or canal dredging situations.

With their ability to find effective solutions for on-site problems, the engineering team will bring a proactive and knowledge-based approach to your dredging needs without delay.

Minimum environmental impact of dredging is our top priority

As professional river dredging and canal dredging contractors, Drake Towage remove dredged material by river or road, taking it to farmland or similar locations when toxicology tests show it is inert, and using approved disposal methods. Extreme care is taken at all times to dispose of dredged material responsibly.

If canal or river dredging needs to be done quickly, effectively and with no harm to the environment, Drake Towage is your best choice. As expert river and canal dredging contractors, operating across the United Kingdom with bank-side dredging equipment and floating dredgers readily available. Mark and Rob have a personal as well as professional commitment to protect the environment and this care extends to all dredging operations the team work on.

Dredging normally requires a licence so please contact us for advice and guidance.

Ask Robert & Mark

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Rivers, canals, basins and channels dredging enquiries:
01945 589539

The Jordans Trust & Jordans Rivita Cereals

Jordans Trust & Jordans Rivita Cereals
Jordans Trust & Jordans Rivita Cereals
Jordans Trust & Jordans Rivita Cereals
Jordans Trust & Jordans Rivita Cereals

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Jordans Trust and Jordans Rivita Cereals contract Drake Towage to dredge a shallow mill by-pass stream choked with weed, we opted for the floating smalley dredger and a 13 tonne long reach excavator from the bank.

The floating dredger would clear along side the bank edge where mature trees were growing with our the need to cut them down, the bank side dredger worked between the gaps and at one section there was no access from the bank for the excavator and the smalley placed all the material on the bank edge its self.

The river has now become an ideal habitat for small to large fish and on one steep bank, King Fishers rest and can catch fish in the clear waters from over-hanging trees.

Brayford Trust, Lincoln

Brayford Trust, Lincoln

Drake Towage was subcontracted by Intermarine to carry out dredging work and a new pontoon installation.

The Brayford pool required dredging before a new floating pontoon was installed. 1200 cubic metres was dredged from the site and transported along the river to the tip site.

Access to the dredging tip was on available via the river and a 16 tonne excavator was transported on three pontoon units, pushed by a tug boat, to the tip.

"Intermarine has worked with Drake Towage on a number of occasions. This has mostly been on contracts that Intermarine has carried out as the National Pontoon Contractor for British Waterways (now the Canal and River Trust). The specialist work that Drake has done has been piling and the installation of access structures where over water handling has been required.

We have always found that Drake gives a good value and innovative service. The variety of equipment that it holds and can put together to suit project requirements means that it can always provide a safe and effective solution. The directors, staff and site teams approach tasks with enthusiasm and excellent communication skills. We hope to have a continuing and long relationship between our two companies."

Scott Gaherty, Managing Director, Intermarine Ltd

Stanground Housing Management

Stanground Housing Management
Stanground Housing Management
Stanground Housing Management
Stanground Housing Management

The area to be dredged was in a narrow channel, so material had to be dredged out and placed into hoppers. We used the Smally floating dredger and two small skip hoppers attached to one side, filling from one area and then moving further down the channel to unload on the bank in one operation.

The work took just under two weeks to complete with only one operator and so keeping costs to a minimum.

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