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As marine piling engineers, environmentalists and experts in bank-side piling, river bank piling and marine piling, you can rely on Drake Towage for consultation, insights and services where any form of piling is a 'must have'.

As professional marine piling contractors, we will help you identify your best options for marine, pontoon and bank protection issues, based on years of experience as providers of marine piling in all types of water environments and locations, including sheet pinling, timber and recycled materials.

Following Depth measurements your personal Drake Towage contact engineer will quickly present cost-effective options for your project.

The Drake Towage team will work closely with you from the moment you involve them, from the start of planning until the project is fully complete.

Drake Towage will assess your site to determine whether a sheet piling installation, timber piles, or even recycled materials, are best suited to your purpose.

Tubular piles or wood structures are readily available, so every opportunity is taken to create the perfect plan, installation and end result you are looking for.

Marine Piling built to last

Drake Towage know all the secrets of creating quays and moorings which will be able to stand up to regular harsh punishment from vessels mooring up, loading or unloading, casting off or simply staying put. We have an enviable reputation as being one of the leading sheet piling contractors in the UK.

Using floating pontoons and barges Drake Towage can easily reach the most difficult locations where your new pilings need to be installed, and then quickly construct and secure them.

Protecting banks is also part of the Drake Towage commitment, so you can be sure the environment remains safe whatever needs to be done at any location.

If you are looking for marine piling contractors for your river, canal or lake project, Drake Towage are the marine contractors you need. Our engineering team have worked on many projects from river bank piling / bank-side piling for bank protection and mooring construction. We are one of the UK's leading sheet piling contractors, working regularly on projects across the UK.

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Re-instating the river bank at Jordans Rivita Cereals

Re-instating the river bank at Jordan’s factory site in Biggleswade
Marine sheet piling installation at Jordans Trust & Jordans Rivita Cereals
Crane and air hammer used to install the sheet piles
Marine Pile Driving - Jordans Trust & Jordans Rivita Cereals

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Work carried out to re-instating the river bank at Jordan’s factory site in Biggleswade. The river had eroded the old brick retaining wall allowing the bank to collapse.

Richard Jackson Consultants produced the design for the installation: 9metre long, 603mm sheet piles along a 70 metre section of the bank.

The access to the work site was restricted between the factory and the river but sufficient to enable a small section of wall to be removed and piles installed to prevent the bank collapsing. The final driving of the piles into stiff clay was completed by a 700 newton air hammer.

Timber clad moorings replacement - Broads Authority, Beccles

Collapsed river moorings at the Broads Authority, Beccles
Modular pontoons and Hiab crane - Broads Authority, Beccles
Sheet piling installation for the Broads Authority, Beccles
Timber clad moorings replacement - Broads Authority, Beccles carried our by Drake Towage of Wisbech

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The old timber clad moorings at Beccles had collapsed and the project involved installing 75 linear metres of galvanised 600mm x 5mm 5m long interlocking sheet piles with timber capping.

With difficult access to the site, all the work, including the backfilling was done using our steel modular pontoons and Hiab crane.

Roadside Bank Repair using sheet piles

Roadside River Bank Repair, Lincolnshire

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A burst water main caused a bank-side collapse. To repair it, 4 metre long sheet piles were driven down into the riverbed to support the bank edge.

Access was restricted at the roadside so the piling work was carried out using our lorry loader (Hiab) crane with the piling equipment attached to the back of the lorry. This reduces the need for equipment and excavation on the roadside and all equipment is removed at night.

Whittlesey Drainage Board - Cloughs Bridge, Parson Drove

River bank piling for Whittlesey Drainage Board - Cloughs Bridge, Parson Drove
Liebherr crane used to drive steel sheet piles into the river bank
Sheet piling contractors, Drake Towage working on a river bank project in Whittlesey
Pile Driving from Drake Towage, the marine piling contractors

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Pile driving at Cloughs Bridge in Parson Drove using our Liebherr crane.

Needingworth Parish Council

Marine sheet piling for Needingworth Parish Council
Needingworth Parish Council
Needingworth Parish Council

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