Quay and Moorings Maintenance and Construction

Drake Towage engineers are long-standing, proven masters of constructing and maintaining quays used for every type of boat, working vessel or ship you need to consider.

Their unique service has given public bodies, government organisations, local authorities and marinas a ‘one stop’ source of consultation, construction and care. You can have the same direct, easy access to everything your project needs.

So what makes Drake Towage excel in quay and moorings construction, and maintenance?

If you have responsibility for moorings or quays, you will appreciate the importance of having a safe and secure construction from which vessels of every type, shape and size can operate.

However, this is only possible when there is expert advice available to calculate what is needed, literally from the river or sea-bed upward. Drake Towage can give you their expertise and extensive experience so your moorings or quays are the best they can be.

Expertise and support from start to finish, and beyond!

Rob and Mark Sayer, and their team, provide a level of insight and expertise which can be fully relied upon when deadlines have to be met and budgets adhered to. Due to the wide range of contracts Drake Towage has been involved with over the years, the company can provide help and support to other professionals working on your project.

Drake Towage will keep your quay or mooring in tip top condition, too, so safety and longevity are assured in any location to protect your investments as well as health and safety. Keeping quays and moorings perfect for their role within a natural, commercial or leisure environment.

Maintenance & Construction of Quays & Moorings enquiries:
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River Lee Landing Stages, London 2012 Olympic Park

Five weeks before the Olympics began Drake Towage were contracted to install three small landing stages and life and install two access bridges working from the River Lee. Apart from security problems the work went well and was completed before the games began.

King's Lynn Visitor Pontoon

Installation of new floating moorings situated on King's Lynn's South Quay adjacent to the town's historic heart.

River Stour Canoe Portages

Manufacture, supply and install canoe portages and steps to three sites on the River Stour, Suffolk

The existing canoe portages on the River Stour were in poor condition and replacement was required. The sites are situated in some areas of outstanding natural beauty such as Flatford Mill, Langham and Wiston.

A new type of plastic decking was specified, a mixture of wood and plastic (WPC). This is normally fixed to timber bearers and proved difficult at first to attach to steel work. However, a system was devised to suit the designers and client requirements with the fixings hidden from view to give the decking the appearance of timber.

Associated British Ports - King's Lynn Lock Gate

Following a collision with a passing vessel the inner lock sector gate, weighing 43 tonnes, required removal for inspection and possible repair.

The area around the base of the gate had to be dredged first with our Liebherr HS833HD 35 tonne dragline to remove the mud, then the hydraulic ram disconnected and the gate lifted out using a 220 tonne Tadano Faun Crane provided by Crowland Cranes.

Clayhythe and Baits Bite Moorings and Slipway

The River Cam Commission directly contracted Drake Towage to install new piled moorings and a larger capacity slipway at Clayhythe.

The piling work was carried out from the bankside but the new piling at Baits Bite had to be installed from the river as there was no access from the bank. The sheet piles were 5m long and proved difficult to drive into the local blue clay. A 700 Newton Air Hammer was used to finally drive the piles to level.

The slipway was coffer-dammed across the front to allow for the new concrete reinforced deck with a draught of 1m deep for vessels.

The piles were steel capped with channels and a fibre-grate flooring was used along the path edge, trapped between a plastic fender and the concrete path edge.

Barking Lake, London

Installation of hardwood mooring posts for Intermarine at a lake in London, the pile was held by a 7.5 tone excavator while the pile hammer was lifted using the lorry loader to drive it down, so set up costs where kept to a minimum as everything came on the lorry in one trip.

Ely Floating Mooring

The photos show the installation of floating landing stages being installed for the Environment Agency vessels. The vessels include small weed cutting boats, dredgers and work boats.

All the obsolete equipment such as piles, guides, bollards, landing stages and and walkway bridges were removed from the existing moorings and recycled otherwise they would have been destined for landfill.

Drake Towage tries hard to re-use and recycle steel and plastic from refurbished or redundant projects as this project illustrates!


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