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Quays, Mooring and Lock Gate Maintenance

Drake Towage engineers are long-standing, proven masters of constructing and maintaining bespoke moorings to suit your vessel. As the one of the East Anglia’s leading mooring construction contractors, Drake Towage are the marine engineering company that can assist with your mooring or quay maintenance requirements.

Their unique service has given public bodies, government organisations, local authorities and marinas a primary source of consultation, construction and care through many years of experience in dealing with the relevant expertise required. You can have the same direct, easy access to everything your project needs.

Mooring Construction & Maintenance Contractors

We have been constructing and maintaining marine moorings throughout East Anglia for many years. Whether the requirement is for a riverbank mooring, lake, sea-site or quay mooring, Drake Towage provide the very best of engineering services, equipment, expertise and experience.

Lock Gate Maintenance

We have many years of experience in maintaining lock gates and installing water controlling structures such as sluices, on marine projects all over East Anglia.

So what makes Drake Towage excel in quay, moorings and lock gates construction, and maintenance?

If you have responsibility for moorings, quays or lock gates, you will appreciate the importance of having a safe and secure construction from which vessels of a variety of types, shapes and sizes can operate.

However, this is only possible when there is expert advice available to as-sist with your project, literally from the riverbed upward. Drake Towage can provide you their expertise and extensive experience so your moorings, quays or lock gates meet the standards that you require. Whether you need a new mooring constructed, or the maintenance of existing moorings, quays, or lock gates, we are the marine contractors with the expertise and experience you want to have on site.

We look forward to discussing your requirements – why not view some of our recent marine quay, lock-gate and mooring projects on on our Case Studies page?

Expertise and support from start to finish, and beyond!

Robert and Mark Sayer, and their team, provide a level of insight and expertise which can be fully relied upon when deadlines have to be met and budgets adhered to. Due to the wide range of contracts Drake Towage has been involved with over the years, the company can provide help and support to other professionals working on your project.

Drake Towage will keep your quay or mooring in tip top condition, too, so safety and longevity are assured in any location to protect your investments as well as health and safety. Keeping quays and moorings perfect for their role within a natural, commercial or leisure environment.

Areas of Expertise

  • Mooring construction
  • Mooring maintenance
  • Lock gate maintenance
  • Quay maintenance
  • Slipway contractors

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