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Sluice Gate Replacement and Repair

Stiffkey Sluice

Outfall Works

A prime example of one of our replacement and repair projects is the Stiffkey Sluice in Norfolk.

The existing sluice gates at Stiffkey were in a poor condition and were due for replacement with new stainless steel and plastic flap valves. The three gates are situated around the coast of Norfolk with timing of works subjected to tide times at low water and the river Stiffkey running in the other way.

We are pleased to say that the outcome of this job was a huge success to Drake Towage and to our client.  We look forward to providing more high-quality services like this in the future.

Fig 1 – The Smalley Dredger is a single unit that can be transported using our lorry.
Fig 2 – It will fit through the average farm gate, being 2.6m wide.
Fig 3 – It can manoeuvre itself over uneven ground and launch into water.
Fig 4 – It has buoyant stability legs that enable it to jack itself into a stable working position (max. 2m water depth).
Fig 5 – Once the project was completed, the Smalley Dredger is capable of winching itself out along with the use of the excavator arm.

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